OK ALL – finally got some pricing for the WINTER GP in the ZONE and it’s looking like a great deal!

(Quote) (Enda’s Forum post)

I’ve managed to get GP plus Pizza plus a Drink (soft!) all for 30 Euros a head.
(normal price GP alone is 44 Euro – this price is for 10+ drivers so please sign up NOW so I can confirm Booking)?????
– In addition the club is going to subsidise first 15 who sign up here on-line by 5 Euros each (now it’s only 25 Euros each!!!!)
– Plus we will also refund the winner his entry fee of 25 Euro (so someone will race FREE!!!!)
– Plus the ZONE said they will look at a few prizes on top of that SO SIGN UP NOW and let’s make it a race day to remember.

We might get racing kicked off a little earlier on the 18th – maybe gates open 9am and off the line 10am????
Let’s take a short lunch break and finish racing around 2/2.30pm?????
GP planned for 3/3.30pm??????

Give me a call if any questions and yes this is open to pit men and friends so get those names in.
The more that race the cheaper the ZONE will make it but places are limited and reckon 20 is the limit (but let’s worry about that when we get that many entries!!).

Contact Enda or post on forum, thanks