The Rules Clarified !

Enda O’Donnell to NAVAN NITRO NUTS

2 hrs ·

Hello drivers – firstly I’m looking forward to another great days racing in Navan tomorrow.

I also just wanted to outline a few rules and regulations that have been quoted back to me 100 times over past few rounds and also to highlight a few basic essentials that we all must adhere to when racing in Navan or in any Championship (that I’m aware of).

We are moving into the 2nd half of our championship so points will become more critical and competition will heat up.

However for the fairness of new drivers who have not raced in previous Championships and my not have been 100% clear on some rules then let’s set the record straight here now and allow everyone to enjoy the racing tomorrow – I will includes these again at a formal briefing tomorrow but in case anyone has to modify their setups or radios etc. before tomorrow at least you’ll have some pre-warning.

1. PLEASE LET THE FASTER DRIVERS THROUGH (perhaps obvious to most of us but when this is announced at the beginning of every race day we are asking that people that are being lapped must make way for the faster drivers coming through).

2. NON CONTACT SPORT (to a certain extent as there are times when making contact with another buggy is outside your control – we understand this). However not slowing down coming into a corner and crashing into the buggy in front is NOT ACCEPTABLE and I’ve had complaints regarding many drivers doing this (new and old timers, nitro and electric).

3. NO REVERSE on buggies – mostly aimed at electric drivers but there are some fancy nitros out there that can be enabled with reverse. PLEASE DISABLE REVERSE as it gives an unfair advantage if/when there is a collision or someone crashes into a corner. This has been announced at all events so from tomorrow it will mean buggy removed from the race for 1st offence and disqualification for 2nd offence.

4. NO ARTIFICIAL DRIVER AIDS and in particular NO GYROS as these give a huge advantage to drivers on an off-road circuit so if you have them DISABLE THEM – this goes for NITRO and ELECTRIC drivers as I’m aware any system can be fitted with a Gyro but more critically some Spektrum radios not HAVE THEM BUILT IN. So simply NO GYROS and I’d hate to think these have been used as we’ve not had any reason to suspect them but a few people have asked so now you know.

We run an open friendly club and that’s how are race days are considered so let’s play by the rules and drive with the necessary consideration for others that you would expect them to have for you!!!! smile emoticon

We’ll have a race official monitoring each heat and more critically the finals and we will be doing spot checks on equipment and radio but we seriously hope this is not necessary (as I don’t really have time :-)).