Volunteers needed for Track maintenance

Help Needed

To all the members, there is currently work going on to repair and tidy the track along with facilities around the track for all members to enjoy but this requires some volunteers to help out. If you can spare a few hours of your time please contact Frank for details regarding what evening the work parties will be on site and the jobs still needing to be worked on.

Summer Results now live


Results are now Live for the 2018 Summer Championships – Timings and championship result.
Next round is July 1th.

Summer Championship Round 2

Sunday June 10th is round 2 of the summer championship.
Gates open at 9am with racing from 10.30am,
Register at race control before hit the track.

2018 AstroMasters


Details now available for the 2018 Astro Masters.

Click Here for details

AGM 2017

All Members, its been a while since we last had a club meeting. So before we get going on the Summer championship we would like to have a meet up, the plan is for next Wednesday 3rd May at 8pm in the The Balreask Arms for the members of the club to discuss some topics relating to the club, racing events and projects etc.. If you are a member we would appreciate your attendance and of course your ideas. Cya all there.

2017 Astro Masters – Back For More – Bigger Better and The Best on Astro

Date Change for Astro Masters to April 8th & 9th – check out our Facebook page for details – more time to prepare and let’s the biggest Winter Championships EVER close out in style 🙂

ENTRY FORM and PayPal Pre-Pay instructions now available for download on our Facebook Page – CLICK HERE


Hello and welcome to what we hope will be a good weekend’s racing and a bit of fun on and off the track!

A reminder of how our track runs (CLICK HERE for New clubhouse video) or (CLICK HERE for Old clubhouse video) – but I think the layout will be a little different!! for this event – thanks for fantastic videos Greg.

Astro Masters timetable

(We will be running – format depends on numbers but at minimum Open Practice Saturday morning with Heats pm and more Heats & Finals Sunday – BBQ Saturday eve.)

Limited Camping On-Site with facilities so let me know so I can plan pitches!!

Don’t forget to download your entry forms as soon as they are posted (watch this space) and you can pay on-line (thanks to those who have already done this – great to see the enthusiasm building).   Read below for more details and keep an eye on this web site and the Facebook page as this is just a quick preview of what’s to come.

Thanks for all the interest and due to popular demand (lots of lads working on Saturday) then you can race Sunday only but we need to know that in advance for marshall planning on Saturday?  

This is a 2 day event so plan your weekend around it – check out the accommodation around Navan from our web site. 

A lot of work being done on and around the track over the last year so thanks to all the lads (and lassies) who have put in the hours.  

OK here is the first draft of what we are looking at;


Important Note –

– This is planned as a fun weekend for all levels of driver from beginner to pro

– Limited Handout PTs available for new drivers who want to to see their results – must be pre-booked!

– Tyres are the drivers choice to keep it all simple

– Rules and final decisions by NNN Race director on the day


Race Durations

– 1:8 electric & nitro heats 7 minutes

– 1:8 electric final 15 minutes

– 1:8 nitro finals A 51 mins, B 20 mins, C+ 15 mins

Friday evening 

  • Considering Open practice for anyone who wants to make a complete weekend out of it – arranged in advance with club – to be confirmed based on level of interest?


– Gates open 8.30am (may change to keep watching) 
– Briefing 9.00-9.15am
– Practice starts 9.30am to 11.15am in heat order. Marshal after your heat. Heat 9 to Marshall heat 1.
– 11.30am Start of 3 x qualifying heats
– final timetable & number rounds depends on numbers (still receiving requests / changes 😁)
– Finish by 6pm
– Free BBQ for all racers trackside (yep Carel is back with his kettle BBQ!)


– Gates open 8.30 (may change so keep watching) 
– 2 x qualifying heats starts 10.00am
– Finals start by 1pm (all going well!)
– Presentations and away home 6pm



– For Heats – marshall after you run

– For Finals – nitro marshals nitro final after your run

– Electric buggies same format if possible (finalise closer to event depending on   entries per class)


Entry Forms & Any questions

– Payment by cash on the day or via

– PayPal (Send Money) to nnnmembership@eircom.net

– Email eod2003@eircom.net with questions and/or completed entry form

– Limited Camping On-Site with facilities so let me know so I can plan pitches!!

 THE ASTRO MASTERS 2016 – it was the event to bring 1:10 & 1:8 together but this years it’s 1:8 only and we’ll consider a special 1:10 weekend if can get the numbers :-).  

Get ready for a 2 day driving experience with a bit of fun on & off the track.

Download entry forms from Face Book Page – link to 2017 Entry Forms to be posted here – see link below 🙂


NNN Winter Championship Dates

NNN- winter championship dates!!!!!!

R1 – October 23rd,

5th & 6th November (ASTRO – CUP)!!!!

R2 – 20th November,

R3 – 4th  December,

R4 – 18th December,

X – MAS BREAK!!!!!

R5 – 15th January,

R6 – 29th January,

R7 – 12th February,

R8 – 26th February,

R9 – 12th March,

R10 – 26th March.

Spare date (if any cancellation)

9th April 

Best 6/10 rounds count!!!!!

Astro Cup 2016

Details and entry form for the update and coming Astro Cup the Battle of the Buggies are now live on the NNN site. Go to the Astro Cup menu for more information. 

The Rules Clarified !

Enda O’Donnell to NAVAN NITRO NUTS

2 hrs ·

Hello drivers – firstly I’m looking forward to another great days racing in Navan tomorrow.

I also just wanted to outline a few rules and regulations that have been quoted back to me 100 times over past few rounds and also to highlight a few basic essentials that we all must adhere to when racing in Navan or in any Championship (that I’m aware of).

We are moving into the 2nd half of our championship so points will become more critical and competition will heat up.

However for the fairness of new drivers who have not raced in previous Championships and my not have been 100% clear on some rules then let’s set the record straight here now and allow everyone to enjoy the racing tomorrow – I will includes these again at a formal briefing tomorrow but in case anyone has to modify their setups or radios etc. before tomorrow at least you’ll have some pre-warning.

1. PLEASE LET THE FASTER DRIVERS THROUGH (perhaps obvious to most of us but when this is announced at the beginning of every race day we are asking that people that are being lapped must make way for the faster drivers coming through).

2. NON CONTACT SPORT (to a certain extent as there are times when making contact with another buggy is outside your control – we understand this). However not slowing down coming into a corner and crashing into the buggy in front is NOT ACCEPTABLE and I’ve had complaints regarding many drivers doing this (new and old timers, nitro and electric).

3. NO REVERSE on buggies – mostly aimed at electric drivers but there are some fancy nitros out there that can be enabled with reverse. PLEASE DISABLE REVERSE as it gives an unfair advantage if/when there is a collision or someone crashes into a corner. This has been announced at all events so from tomorrow it will mean buggy removed from the race for 1st offence and disqualification for 2nd offence.

4. NO ARTIFICIAL DRIVER AIDS and in particular NO GYROS as these give a huge advantage to drivers on an off-road circuit so if you have them DISABLE THEM – this goes for NITRO and ELECTRIC drivers as I’m aware any system can be fitted with a Gyro but more critically some Spektrum radios not HAVE THEM BUILT IN. So simply NO GYROS and I’d hate to think these have been used as we’ve not had any reason to suspect them but a few people have asked so now you know.

We run an open friendly club and that’s how are race days are considered so let’s play by the rules and drive with the necessary consideration for others that you would expect them to have for you!!!! smile emoticon

We’ll have a race official monitoring each heat and more critically the finals and we will be doing spot checks on equipment and radio but we seriously hope this is not necessary (as I don’t really have time :-)).


Winter Championship Membership Deals

Winter Champs kick off in Navan next Sunday week 8th Nov – check all dates here.

Don’t forget special rates if you want to pay in advance.


Due to a request from a number of people we’ve put together some Special Winter Payment Deals on advance payments for Winter Championship race fees, Winter Membership & Reserved Pitting Space (spaces limited so book early). Send payment through PayPal to nnnmembership@eircom.net or pay on Nov 8th at First Round.

Deal 1. €120 = Winter Champs up front €65 (10 rounds normally €100), plus €25 membership (6 months special) plus indoor pitting (with power/light) €30 (normally €5 per round) but indoor pitting areas limited to first 8 to pay and full amount must to paid in advance.

Deal 2. €110 = Winter Champs up front €65 (10 rounds normally €100), plus €25 membership (6 months special) plus outdoor pitting (plug your own power lead in – lights provided) €20 (this just reserves a pitting space and saves you bringing gazebo etc.) – outdoor pitting areas also limited to first 8 to pay and full amount must to paid in advance.

Deal 3. €90 = Winter Champs up front €65 and winter M’Ship €25 – for those who don’t require pitting.

Deal 4. €65 = Winters Champs up front for current club members & book pits on the day when available. Indoor pits €5 and outdoor €3 (includes power/light).

Or members can simply Pay As You Race but membership must be paid on Nov 8th & €10 per day race fee – pits if available at rates in Deal 4.

ONE FINAL DEAL – for family members as we appreciate that we can have 2 or more from the same family so we are offering a further 10% off the Deal price per additional person. Also for a group of 3 or more paying on-line we’ll also offer 10% off so pull your finances and get all the money stuff out of the way and concentrate on your racing.

Non-members/visitors who want to race are very welcome (but don’t get points or free entries to Winter raffle) – race fee €15 and can only race in lowest finals with no bump ups.